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    検体の劣化を防ぐ Bode Armor™
    Bode Armor™は、Bode Buccal DNA Collectorおよび新Bode Buccal 2に適用される試薬で、収集された検体を長期保存するためそのDNAの安定性を向上させます。


    内部調整した研究で30年保存検体として内部模擬試験の結果、Bode Armorで保護された検体の劣化が著しく少なかった

    Bode Armorは、DNase(DNaseⅠを含む)の酵素活性により検体が損失するのを抑えます。調整した研究では、標準的なDNaseは、Bode Armorの有無にかかわらず発生し得る。Bode Armorなしの検体(陽性対照)は著しく劣化を示し、Bode Armorで保護された

    さらにBode Armorは保存検体の劣化を引き起こす細菌の増殖を防ぎます。

    Bode Armorは直接増幅法と手動抽出処理に対応した便利な試薬です。

    Bode Armor Helps Prevent Sample Degradation
    Bode Armor™ is a reagent applied to the Bode Buccal DNA Collector and the Bode Buccal 2 devices that enhances DNA stability during long-term storage of collected samples. The reagent helps protect against common factors leading to sample degradation such as:
    • Temperature and humidity • Enzymes (DNase) • Bacteria

    Simulated Long-Term Study Yields Strong Results
    In a controlled internal study with accelerated sample aging to a simulated 30 years of storage,samples treated with Bode Armor showed significantly less sample degradation.

    Sample Protection from Enzymes and Bacteria
    Bode Armor inhibits DNases (including DNase I) preventing sample loss due to enzymatic activity. In a controlled study, a standard DNase procedure was performed on samples with and without Bode Armor present. The samples without Bode Armor (Positive Controls) showed significant breakdown while the samples protected by Bode Armor displayed nearly identical results to the Negative Controls (no DNase present).

    Additionally, Bode Armor helps prevent bacterial growth that could lead to the breakdown of stored samples.

    Compatible with Manual and Direct Amplification Processes
    Bode Armor is compatible with direct amplification methods and manual extraction processing on most commercially available kits.


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